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Afro Canadian Contractors Association
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Ontario, L5L 5R5 Telephone: (647) 424-2230
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The Afro Canadian Contractors Association (the “Association”) is a professional membership based not-for-profit organization. Membership with the Association is inextricably linked to the Associations mandate of increasing the presence of Black contractors in the Canadian construction industry. It is in the spirit of the mandate that the membership base shall consist of persons who self-identify as black and are of African descent to ensure the benefits of membership permeates the black community. Membership applies to the individual applicant and does not extend to any business or organization to which the applicant is affiliated.

As a note to all applicants, please be reminded that the Association takes reasonable steps to verify information provided in support of any application. Applicants are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and validity of all information provided. During the assessment of an application, or at any later date, if the Association determines that false, misleading or incorrect information was provided, an application may be cancelled, revoked and/or refused.

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6.Supporting Documents

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Copy of Government Issued Photo ID
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7. Declarations of Accuracy and Consents for Application

Certification of Accuracy of Information Provided
I declare that by signing below, all information I have provided or will provide to the Afro Canadian Contractors Association (the “Association”) in the future in or in connection with this application is true, accurate and complete. I agree to immediately notify the Association regarding any future changes to information I have provided.

I acknowledge that if I provide false or misleading information or documents to the Association, or fail to provide information or documents requested by the Association:

  • I may be denied membership or my membership may be revoked at a later date.


I consent that the Association may contact, request information, documents or records from, and provide information to, other sources including:

  • governing, regulatory, self-regulatory, apprenticeship or trades bodies, authorities, agencies or officials;
  • publicly available sources under applicable laws or regulations;
  • any other relevant sources..

I consent that the Association may collect, use, and disclose any information provided in or in connection with this application for the following purposes:

  • processing this application;
  • administering my file or membership with the Association;
  • enforcing the Association's by-laws;
  • conducting policy analysis, evaluation and research related to the black community's engagement in the construction industry;
  • as required or permitted by law

I consent that all information, documents or records requested by the Association for the above-noted purposes from other sources may be provided to the Association.In addition, I consent that the Association may collect, use and disclose my personal information and confidential information provided in or in connection with this application as provided above, as well as in accordance with the Association's privacy policy available at and as permitted or required by applicable laws or regulations.

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